e.asy – Your Winnipeg Free Press digital version, fpnews, is now available each morning right on your computer. Scan headlines and flip through pages as easily as you would the printed version.

e.fficient – Your time is valuable, so spend it wisely. Read news or entertainment articles, look at photos, read comics and play games with the click of a button! Great navigational tips and simple tools allow for quick and easy maneuvering.

e.conomical – No more papers wasted because you didn’t have time to read them. Now you can read your news every day or check out several editions when you want. Keyword searches give you the power to research any topic, person or event instantly.

e.ssential – Retrieve and save information from the electronic edition through print.

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e.fficiency & e.ase at your convenience!
Now you can enjoy your Winnipeg Free Press exactly as it appears in print - on your computer screen whenever you want. See all the text and pictures you would in the printed paper, plus have the option to change your screen layout, move through pages and sections with ease, save articles, and search an archive of previous editions, without the mess and clutter.

your time is valuable - so you choose!
Whether you prefer to read your Winnipeg Free Press in print, online or a digital replica of the newspaper, fpnews delivers the same great local coverage any way you choose - your news now!

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